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Varie, Varye family (France): genealogical
Vélez family (Mexico): genealogical
Verdi, Giuseppe: works
Vezirishvili family (Georgia, Russia): genealogical
Vinci, Leonardo da: paintings
Vishnu: avatars/incarnations
Volcanic Explosivity Index
Volcanoes: deadliest
Wahl, Katzenellenbogen family (Poland): genealogical
Ward, Cullen-Ward family (England, Australia): genealogical
Waugh, Evelyn: written works
Wheat: the fourteen species
Whitaker family (England, Italy): genealogical
Wied, Runkel, Westerburg family (Germany, Albania): genealogical
Wiener family (Czech Republic, Austria): genealogical
Williams family (USA): genealogical
Windsor, Prince Charles, genealogical links to his wives Diana and Camilla
Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II, genealogical link to the builder of Buckingham palace
Queen Elizabeth II, genealogical link to her husband Prince Philip
Wise family (Devonshire, England): genealogical
Wise family (England): genealogical
Wise family (Massachusetts, Maine, USA): genealogical
Wise family (Virginia, USA): genealogical (1)
Wise family (Virginia, USA): genealogical (2)
Wise family (Warwickshire): genealogical
Wit and Mirth or Pills to Purge Melancholy (the songs and poems)
Wolf, Wulff, Meisels family (Poland, Germany): genealogical
Wood, Ed: films (director)
Wood, Ed: screenplays
Woolner family (England): genealogical
World languages: classification
World War I casualties
Wulff family (Germany): genealogical
Wuthering Heights: novel by Emily Brontë. Synopsis, character biographies, and genealogy
Wyse family (Ireland): genealogical
Wysse, Wise family (Scotland): genealogical
Xerxes: Handel opera
Ximenes de Cisneros, Francisco: works
Xerxes: Handel opera
Yellow fever 2011-12 data
Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister: television series
Yugoslavia: kings and claimants
Zig (Iran, Mughal Empire): genealogical
Zogu, Zogolli family (Albania): genealogical
Zoroastrian festivals

















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