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Abdullah I Al-Sabah Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait


Sheikh of Kuwait c. 1756–1814†

Although a younger son, Abdullah was elected sheikh of Kuwait after the death of his father. A sagacious and generous leader, his reign was marked by both commercial expansion and strategic diplomacy. Kuwait's trade routes stretched as far as India, Yemen, and Iraq, and Abdullah established direct relations with the British East India Company in the Gulf, solidifying Kuwait's position as a key passage for caravans travelling between Basra and Aleppo. His foresight and leadership secured significant victories, including the decisive defence against the Banu Ka'ah tribe at the Battle of Al-Reqqa, who attempted to absorb Kuwait into their territory. He also constructed Kuwait's first defensive walls, a testament to his commitment to safeguarding the nation.

Son of Sabah I Al-Jabir, Sheikh of Kuwait, and an unnamed woman. He had issue.


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