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Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait


Sheikh of Kuwait 1921–50†
His Highness 1937  
Knight Commander of the Star of India 1944 [UK]
King George VI Coronation Medal 1937 [UK]
King George V Silver Jubilee Medal 1935 [UK]
Grand Cross of the Order of The Two Rivers 1931 [Iraq]
Knight Commander of the Indian Empire 1930 [UK]
Knight Companion of the Star of India 1929 [UK]
Knight Companion of the Indian Empire 1922 [UK]

During a pivotal era in the nation's history, Ahmad became the tenth ruler of Kuwait, and navigated relations with neighbouring states with astuteness. Despite challenging circumstances and shifts in the political landscape, he remained resolute in safeguarding and delineating Kuwait's borders, achieving success and showcasing his leadership prowess. Commencing his rule at the age of thirty-five, he instituted a governing council to aid in the administration of the nation and address societal concerns. Under his leadership, notable institutions such as Al-Ahmadiya School, the National Library, and the Literature Club were founded, alongside granting a concession to a British company for oil exploration in the neutral zone between Kuwait and Najd. In 1938, Ahmad inaugurated Parliament and concurrently enacted legislation defining its authority, asserting that citizens, through their elected representatives, held the ultimate power in the nation. The discovery of substantial oil reserves in February 1938 marked a turning point. Despite delayed benefits due to the onset of World War II in 1939, Kuwait began reaping the rewards in 1946. Ahmad strategically utilised oil revenues to enhance education, healthcare, and infrastructure, exemplified by the development of Al Ahmadi City and investments in desalination and electricity plants, underscoring his commitment to the progress of his nation.

Place of first marriage: Kuwait
Place of death: Dasman Palace, Kuwait City

Son of Jabir II Al-Sabah, Sheikh of Kuwait, and Sheikha Al-Sabah. He married the following:
1. Sheikha Bazba Al-Sabah
2. Wadha, of the Duwaia tribe, in c. 1928 (former wife of Ali Al-Sabah)
3. Hussa Al-Ghanim, daughter of Ibrahim bin Muhammad Al-Ghanim
4. Nura Al-Tahus in 1931 (sister of Muhammad Al-Tahaus; divorced 1933, she remarried to Khamis bin Rimthan)
5. Princess Khadija of Turkey, in 1935, at Cairo
6. Munira Al-Ayyar
7. Delal Al-Mutalaqqim
8. Mariam Al-Huwailah, †2015, daughter of Murait Al-Huwailah
9. Fatima N
10. Ruqaia bint Faraj
11. Hussa, daughter of Furain al-Zakri al-Faris, Emir of Jahra
12. Yamama N
13. Hasina N
14. Subha, daughter of Surur bin Nasir, and sister of the 14th wife
15. Baiya, sister of the 13th wife
He had issue.

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