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Jabir I Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait


Sheikh of Kuwait 1814–59†

Sheikh Jabir was admired for his acumen, sound judgement, and compassion. He became known as 'Jabir Al-Aish' ('aish' means rice in the Kuwaiti dialect) due to his unwavering support and generosity towards the poor. Under his rule, Kuwait's naval and military strength blossomed, leading to a thriving trade environment. A brilliant leader, he fiercely guarded the country's autonomy. He not only championed the Ottomans in regaining control of Al-Basra and Al-Mahrnara, but also politely rebuffed British attempts to make Kuwait a colony. By skilfully building upon his father's groundwork, Sheikh Jaber ushered in an era of political stability and economic prosperity.

Son of Abdullah I Al-Sabah, Sheikh of Kuwait, and an unnamed woman. He married a daughter of Sheikh Sultan Al-Sabah Al-Sabah, and had issue.


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