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Jabir III Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah
Emir of Kuwait


Emir of Kuwait 1977–2006†
Crown Prince of Kuwait 1966–95
His Highness 1966
Order of Muhammad 2002 [Morocco]
Collar of the Order of Al-Hussein bin Ali 1999 [Jordan]
Collar of the Order of Independence 1999 [Tunisia]
Collar of the Order of the Independence 1999 [Qatar]
Order of the Star of Romania 1999 [Romania]
Collar of the Order of the Chrysanthemum 1995 [Japan]
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath 1995 [UK]
Great Badr Collar 1989 [Saudi Arabia]
Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honour 1989 [France]
Collar of the Order of the Nile 1989 [Egypt]
Order of the Yugoslav Great Star 1979 [Yugoslavia]
Knight Grand Cross of the St Michael and St George 1979 [UK]
Collar of the Order of the Republic 1971 [Egypt]
National Order of the Cedars [Lebanon]
Civil Order of Oman 1st class [Oman]
Collar of Honour [Sudan]
Order of Pakistan [Pakistan]
Star of the Republic of Indonesia 1st class [Indonesia]
Grand Order of Mugunghwa [South Korea]

Prime Minister of Kuwait 1965–77
President of the Council of Ministers 1965–77
Deputy Prime Minister 1963–65
Vice-President of the Council of Ministers 1963–65
Minister of Trade 1965
Minister of Industry 1963–65
Minister of the Economy 1961–63
Minister of Finance 1961–65
Member of the Supreme Council 1955–77
Chief of Public Security at Ahmadi City 1949–59

Jabir rose through the ranks of Kuwait's government from the late 1940s onwards, holding key government positions in finance and economics. He emerged as a prominent figure on the international stage in the early 1960s when he successfully defended Kuwait's sovereignty against Iraqi claims. He was later appointed prime minister, and crown prince, and by the late 1970s, he was effectively leading the country due to the declining health of the emir. As emir, he initially aimed to foster unity among Arab nations, but his reign was marked by regional turmoil, including the brutal Iran-Iraq War in 1980. He also faced domestic challenges, including dissent from the Shi'ite minority, and a critical National Assembly. In response to growing political pressure, he dissolved parliament and imposed press censorship in 1986, a move that sparked protests against the Al-Sabah family. The situation escalated further with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Jabir was forced to flee into exile in Saudi Arabia, returning only after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. Despite ongoing calls for reform, he again dissolved parliament in 1999. Jabir's government continued to be unpopular, but he was a notable advocate for women's rights, pushing for their suffrage in 1999, which was ultimately achieved in 2005. From 2001, poor health limited his public role for the remainder of his life.

Place of birth: Kuwait City
Place of death: Dasman Palace, Kuwait City
Place of burial: Al Sulaibikhat Cemetery, Kuwait City

Son of Ahmad I, Sheikh of Kuwait, and Bazba Al-Sabah. He married the following:
Latifa Al-Bartak (divorced)
2. Sharifa Al-Sabah
3. Warda bint Ali Al-Abdullah (*1939, †2000)
4. Mudhi, daughter of Barjis bin Abdullah Al-Sur
5. Nura, daughter of Abdullah al-Humaidi Al-Waqayit
6. Munira, daughter of Mishan Al-Barazi
7. Hadiya, daughter of Surur bin Nasir al-Giaan, and sister of Subha and Baiya, wives of Ahmad, Sheikh of Kuwait
8. Qaad bint Thuwairan (she married secondly Sultan Al-Duwish)
9. Delal, daughter of Nasir Al-Barrak
10. Khizna, daughter of Jeda’an bint Saud Al-Mutatah
11. Munira, daughter of Said al-Lafi Al-Shammari
12. in 1965, Wasmiya, daughter of Majid Al-Rajaan
13. Badriya, daughter of Nasir bin Obaid Al-Jiaan
14. in 1975, Adhiba, daughter of Muhammad bin Ali al-Hijazi Al-Daihani
15. Sara, daughter of Badr bin Sharar Al-Maimun
16. Hussa, daughter of Faihan bin Mutaib Al-Hamidani
17. Nadia, daughter of Hamud bin Muhammad Abu Shaybah (she married secondly Fahd Al-Sabah)
18. Sabiha, daughter of Abdullah Al-Mattum
19. Al-Jazi, daughter of Sultan al-Duwaish Al-Hathleen
20. Mashael al-Hamidani
21. Nura, daughter of Salim al-Hariyul Al-Subaie
22. Fadhia Al-Arouz
23. Nura Al-Sur
He had issue.


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