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Muhammad Al-Sabah Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait


Sheikh of Kuwait 1892–96†
Order of the Medjidie, 5th class, 1871 [Turkey]

Muhammad's reign was marked by a strong adherence to the policies laid out by his predecessors. This continuity fostered a period of internal stability in Kuwait, allowing the nation to cultivate positive relationships with its Arab neighbours. The era was not just peaceful, but also prosperous. Under Muhammad's leadership, commerce thrived with the establishment of numerous markets. The shipbuilding industry, a cornerstone of Kuwaiti trade, flourished, and the nation's pearl diving tradition experienced a surge in growth, solidifying Kuwait's reputation as a centre for this precious commodity throughout the region. His year of birth may have been 1845 instead.

Son of Sabah II Al-Sabah, Sheikh of Kuwait, and Lulua bint Muhammad Al-Thaqib. He was married firstly to an unnamed Bedouin woman, secondly to Sheikha Hayah bint Ali Al-Sabah, and thirdly to an unnamed African woman. He had issue.

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