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Sabah II Al-Jabir Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait
(c. 1810–66)


Sheikh of Kuwait 1859–66†

Sabah assisted his father in the administration of Kuwait, where he gained much experience in administration and trade. He represented him in 1841 to negotiate the Anglo-Kuwait Maritime truce. By 1854, he was considered the de-facto ruler of Kuwait. A welcoming and accessible leader, Sabah presided over Kuwait's flourishing economy. His reign saw a remarkable rise in trade and revenue, a testament to his keen understanding of international affairs. This was evident when Colonel Pelly, a visitor in 1865, was highly impressed by Sabah's knowledge. Under his leadership, trade boomed, with Arabian horses, dates, and pearls becoming Kuwait's signature exports, significantly boosting commercial activity. Notably, Sabah was a staunch defender of Kuwait's independent judiciary system.

Son of Jabir I Al-Sabah, Sheikh of Kuwait, and NN Al-Sabah. He was married firstly to Fatma bint Salim Al-Jarrah Al-Fadhel; secondly to Mauza bint Salman Al-Daud; thirdly in 1820 to Lulua bint Muhammad Al-Thaqib. He had issue.


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