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Salim Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait


Sheikh of Kuwait 1917–21†
Governor of Kuwait City 1915–17
Companion of the Star of India 1919

A devout and scholarly man, Salim succeeded his brother, Jabir II, and became a powerful leader known for his religious knowledge, linguistic fluency, and unwavering commitment to Kuwait's defence. Upon taking office, he immediately reduced import and export taxes, boosting trade and prosperity for his people. His reign also saw the modernisation of Kuwait with the installation of telegraph lines, connecting the nation to the wider world. Furthermore, Salim's firm leadership and military prowess were on full display during his time in power. He bolstered the city's defences by ordering the construction of a Third Wall, and personally led his forces to victory in the pivotal Battle of Jahra.

Place of birth: Kuwait
Place of death: Kuwait City

Son of Mubarak Al-Sabah, Sheikh of Kuwait, and Sheikha Al-Sabah. He had the following wives:
1. Shaikha Al-Sabah
2. Latifa Al-Sabah
3. Tifla Al-Rushdan (no issue)
4. Munira (†1984), daughter of Muhammad Al-Debbus
5. Beza Al-Ghanim (no issue)
6. Sharifa Al-Amr
7. Shaawa Al-Otaibi
8. Hadiya, an Ethiopian lady
He had issue.


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