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Royal Genealogy

Antoine IV
3rd Duc de Gramont

Other names: Antoine-Charles[5]

Titles and Honours

5th Sovereign Prince de Bidache, 1678-1720†[5]
Comte de Guiche, 1678-1720†[5]
Comte de Louvigny, 1678-1720†[5]
Vicomte d'Aster, 1678-1720†[5]
Duke and Peer of France[5]
Knight of the Orders of the King, 1689 (France)[5]
Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece [VAT-SPA][5]

Positions Held

Governor of Navarre[5]
Governor of Béarn[5]
Hereditary Governor of Bayonne[5]
Hereditary Mayor of Bayonne[5]
Ambassador to Spain 1704[5]
Lieutenant general 1641[5]


Participated in the conquest of Holland (1672) and the siege of Besançon (1674).[C9]

Place of birth: Hagetmau[5]
Place of burial: St Roch[C9]


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