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Konstantin Hadija


Commander of the Order of Takovo, 1882 (Serbia)
Officer of the Order of Takovo, 1878 (Serbia)
Knight of the Order of St Anne, 2nd class, 1878 (Russia)
Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy 1874
Knight of the Order of Saint Stanislaus, 3rd class, 1850 (Russia)

Positions Held

Lieutenant to the Prince of Serbia


Of a Greek family, Konstantin was a rich goldsmith and merchant.  He relocated to Zemun, Serbia, in 1800, although documentation indicates that he was already there in 1794.  He eventually took over his father-in-law's brewery business  He went on to become the secretary to Prince Milos Obrenović I of Serbia.

Place of birth: Melnik, Bulgaria
Place of death: Merano
Place of burial: Vienna




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