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Royal Genealogy

Andrea Mantegna


Knight of the Order of the Golden Spur (Roman Catholic)[P42]

Positions Held

Court painter to the Duke of Mantua, 1457[O52]
Papal Groom of the Chamber[P42]


Painter, and engraver.[O52]
Adopted by Francesco Squarcione and was made his apprentice.[O52]
Made a citizen of Mantua by the Marquis Ludovico Gonzaga, 1468.[L19]
Granted a coat-of-arms.[L19]
Granted an indult by King Christian I of Denmark, 1474[L19]
Will dated 24 January 1506.[L19]

Place of birth: Isola di Carturo, Padua[J17]
Place of death: Mantua[D98]
Place of burial: Sant'Andrea church, Mantua[L19]



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