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Other names: Aegesta

The Trojan Phoenodamas (others call him Hippotes, Ippoteus or Ipsostratus) had three daughters. When he was to be compelled by Laomedon to expose one of them to the marine monster which was ravaging the country, he called the people together and induced them to compel Laomedon, whose guilt had brought the monster into the country, to expose his own daughter Hesione. Laomedon then took vengeance by causing some sailors to convey the three daughters of Phoenodamas to desert part of the coast of Sicily (some say Libya). One of these maidens was Segesta or Egesta, with whom the river god Crimissus, in the shape of a bear or a dog, begot Aegestus, Egestus or Acestes, by whom Egesta in Sicily was built. Sent to Sicily by her family from Troy. According to another tradition, she returned to Troy, married Capys and gave birth to Anchises.











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